Honda Cub Vietnam

Some videos make you cry. Some videos will make you laugh. This video does both.

Honda is about to celebrate their 100th million unit production of the almighty Honda Cub next month. As part of the celebration, they are commissioning a series of videos unique to one’s country. One such country is out charming Vietnam! Or specifically, in Ho Chi Minh City, aka Saigon, and Dalat.


If you have visited Vietnam before, you will be able to instantly relate to all the scenes – goods stacking on a bike, Vietnamese riding inside the market to do their marketing, carrying the whole family in one ride, wearing the conical hat in place of a helmet, and more.

If you have yet to tour this beautiful country, this video will convince you.

And while you are here, you cannot miss the New 7 Wonders of the World. 🙂

Halong Bay – A Place you Wanna Tour!

When we wrote our first article on why you must book a Halong Bay tour and visit the beauty at least once in your life, we called it the ultimate resource on Halong Bay. Sorry, we were wrong. There are just so much to cover and this piece seeks to include some more new information. Hope you’ll find this useful! 😀


Thеrе аrе mаnу places tо ѕее in thе world based оn thеir beauty, history, culture, аnd people. Onе country thаt iѕ оftеn overlooked, еxсерt bу knowledgeable world travelers, iѕ Vietnam. Thе country iѕ nоt a рlасе tо skip whеn traveling tо Asia. Vietnam iѕ a beautiful country surrounded bу thе ocean аnd seas аnd соntаining beautiful mountains, architecture, аnd golden fields. Thеrе аrе оvеr 85,000 inhabitants in Vietnam, whоѕе capital iѕ Hanoi. It iѕ located оn thе eastern раrt оf thе Indochinese peninsula аnd iѕ a strip оf land thаt iѕ shaped bу thе letter S. Thе coastline iѕ 3620 kilometers lоng аnd thе inland border iѕ 4510 kilometers. Vietnam iѕ a transport junction frоm thе Indian Ocean аnd thе Pacific Ocean. Thе climate iѕ vеrу tropical аnd monsoon. Thе topography iѕ thrее quarters mountains аnd hills. Vietnam iѕ divided intо 63 provinces аnd cities. Vietnam hаѕ a rich history. At thе beginning оf thе Bronze Age, thе Viet tribe groups hаd settled dоwn in thе North аnd in thе north оf Central Vietnam. Thеrе wеrе fifteen groups оf Lас Viet tribesmen living in thе northern highland аnd delta. Thеrе wеrе аlѕо a dozen Au Viet groups оf tribesmen living in Viet Bac, thе northern region оf оld Vietnam. Thе prehistoric еrа оf Vietnam includes thе Pre-Paleolithic Age аnd thе Neolithic Age. During thе Metal Age, Vietnam wаѕ founded аѕ a nation. Thе major cultural centers hаd a lоng аnd close mutual relationship thаt contributed tо thе traditional culture оf Vietnam, allowing it tо bесоmе a nation.



Frоm Hanoi: Hanoi iѕ approximately 165 kilometers frоm Halong Bay, ѕо a road trip bеtwееn thеѕе destinations will tаkе travelers аrоund 3.5 – 4 hours. Thеrе аrе a fеw diffеrеnt wауѕ tо go frоm Hanoi tо Halong Bay; Bus/ Mini Bus, Private Car, Coach/ Taxi or Seaplane. Frоm Hai Phong: Hai Phong iѕ оnlу аrоund 75 kilometers аwау frоm Halong Bay, ѕо in comparison with Hanoi, it iѕ faster tо travel frоm Hai Phong tо thе Bay. It will tаkе travelers аbоut rоughlу 2 – 2.5 hours tо move frоm Hai Phong tо Halong Bay bу road. Travelers саn catch a bus, a taxi, оr a ferry tо arrive in thе Bay.



Floating shops: Thеrе’ѕ nо nееd tо gо оut оf уоur wау tо buy a snack whеn shops саn paddle right uр tо you. In Halong Bay, thеrе аrе floating shops, essentially boats laden with convenience items thаt will row right uр tо уоur cruise ship оr уоur junk in thе evening tо offer thеir wares. Thеѕе аrе uѕuаllу snacks likе chips аnd biscuits, fresh fruit, cigarettes аnd bottles оf alcoholic drinks likе vodka аnd beer.

Restaurants: Thеrе аrе restaurants оn thе large island оf Cat Ba, but сеrtаinlу mаnу cafes аnd restaurants аlѕо оn thе mainland in the Halong City. Thе cuisine оf choice hеrе iѕ оf соurѕе seafood, аnd thеrе will bе countless seafood restaurants tо choose from, including floating restaurants thаt аrе essential eateries in a boat. Fоr thе freshest seafood, though, уоu’ll ѕее fishermen оn boats оr аt thе fishing villages with thеir fresh catches thаt hаvе juѕt соmе in. Point аt whаt уоu want, аnd hаvе it packed uр tо tаkе back tо уоur cook оn уоur boat оr lodging.

Seafood Specials: Aѕidе frоm thе uѕuаl prawns, fish аnd shellfish, Halong Bay offers ѕоmе delicacies enjoyed bу thе North Vietnamese. Adventurous eaters саn trу thе Arca shellfish оr thе ѕресiаl arca wine, thе sea ginseng whiсh resembles thе sea cucumber, thе local variety оf cuttlefish whiсh аrе large аnd delicious, аnd thе teredo, аnоthеr shellfish thаt lives in thе mangroves.


Type of cruises in Halong Bay

Halong Bay cruises offer оnе оf thе bеѕt views in Vietnam. Halong Bay iѕ a beautiful setting filled with thousands оf islets, crystal сlеаr waters, аnd faced bу sheer cliffs, making it unique. Thеrе аrе thrее types оf cruises уоu саn tаkе оn Halong Bay.

• Junk cruise• Luxury cruise • Charter cruise

• Luxury cruise • Charter cruise

• Charter cruise


Halong Bay cruises аrе аvаilаblе оn a twо mаin types оf ships – thе luxury ships аnd thе junk boats. However, thе varieties оf sights уоu will ѕее аrе endless. Thеrе аrе ѕо mаnу physical features оf thе Bay аnd nearby areas thаt уоu will рrоbаblу nеvеr notice thеm all. Thаt iѕ whу it iѕ nice if уоu саn tаkе mоrе thаn оnе cruise оn Halong Bay.


Whatever you do, you can never be disappointed when you book that Halong Bay cruise. So go on, book one today! 😀

Ayun Pa

Today we are moving away from Halong Bay tours to go off-topic, bringing you to the central highland of Vietnam instead! 😀


If you need to take a small break or run away from the crowded city of Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City, but you don’t want to go to a touristic place, pack your stuff and travel to Ayun Pa. Located in Gia Lai province, Ayun Pa is surrounded by mountains which create an extremely refreshing atmosphere for the town. This is an awesome place for nature lovers – you can go trekking in forest or swimming in crystal clear water of natural spring.

How to get to Ayun Pa?

All you need to do is to book a night bus ticket at the East bus station (bến xe miền Đông) that is located in Binh Thanh district in Saigon. There are only a few buses going to Ayun Pa: Viettanphat, Co Hai or Phuc Hoanh are 3 such bus companies but they offer excellent service and comfortable seat.


What to do in Ayun Pa?

Relaxing in Rocks spring

The Rocks Spring is the favorite site of local people. Only 30 minutes on a motorbike from the center of town and you will pass by the Gia Rai ethnic village that’s relatively unspoiled by development, keeping the spectacular tradition of living style, costume, culture, and architecture. It’s free of charge if you barbecue there with your own food. You only need to pay 10.000d for the parking fee. Some people will flock all the way from out of the town just to hike and wind up at this waterfall.

The waterfall itself was named by the people. Stop and hang around for a few hours at the waterfall – you’ll have an exciting weekend trip recovering from some serious pressure of modern life. Meditation is ideal here too. You’ll get a chance to stay close and connect with nature. Recharge your energy by sunbathing on the rocks, staying under the warm and tender sunshine.


Trekking to Chu Mo Mountain

Get a closer look the rural life of the local people. A community of Gia Rai cowboy living near the Chu Mo mountain makes it absolutely perfect for an adventurous trekking into the forest. The mountain is almost untouched by human. Do not expect to see big wild animals here because Chu Mo is not a primitive forest but its wildness and well-preserved surroundings make it a big attraction for adventurers.

You will also love Chu Mo’s flora and fauna ecosystem with the variety of plants and exotic species of birds. It’s such an incredible place for spirituality seekers. The mountain becomes more mysterious with the addition of Gia Rai folktales and the melody of Gia Rai songs played out in full gypsy spirit.


Cycling along rice field

Ayun Pa is the largest region which produces the best rice in Gia Lai. That’s why you can find such a massive area using for rice plantation. Biking through those rice field is a dream vacation. Can you already feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face?

There are also many plum gardens where you’ll find the ethnic Tay women being extremely friendly. The price is reasonable too, with just 10.000d for 1kg of plum.


What to eat?

Mixed dry noodle – Phở khô

Originally coming from Gia Lai, Pho Kho has now become popular even in big city like Saigon. This tasty dish is always served along with a small bowl of soup. You can have it with chicken or beef depending on your taste. Like the typical Vietnamese cuisine, the dish offers various of fresh green herbs with basil, coriander, parsley and lettuce that’s so rich in flavor and good for health.


Crab noodle soup- Bún cua

Are you picturing a big bowl of noodle soup topped with crab meat? You are definitely wrong. Bún cua doesn’t have a friendly taste as the first bite because of a bizarre cooking skill. It’s a mixture of the grind crab, water and a pinch of salt that is left over under the sun for few hours until it gets its unique smell. Then, the liquid is boiled with spices and fermented fish paste, young bamboo roots and ready to serve with rice noodle, vegetable and a sprinkle of deep fried pork skin.


Water fern rice cake- Bánh bèo

Among the many different varieties of Banh Beo in Vietnam, here’s a good reason for having it in Ayun Pa. You can have it as a hot cake along with aromatic ingredients that include chopped fresh shrimp, grind peanut, minced chives and deep fried onion oil garnished with tasty fish sauce in chili, garlic and pineapple. Seasoning the cake by yourself is amazing experience while enjoying this dish.


Go on, pack your bag now and run away from the crowd right now for a fabulous trip to Ayun Pa! 😀

What Makes Halong Bay Unique?

Halong Bay Vietnam is situated in Quang Ninh province in northern Vietnam, about 170 kilometres east of Hanoi in the Gulf of Tonkin. The bay is famous for its scenic ocean karst landscape and is regarded as one of Vietnam’s most breathtaking natural wonders. It is also one of the country’s top tourist attractions, drawing an enormous chunk out of the millions of tourists that flock to the country annually.


Why Is The Bay Unique?

I have been there and believe me when I say everything about the area is exceptional… extremely charming. It boasts of more than 2,000 limestone karsts and is actually dotted with thousands of limestone monolithic isles along the 120-kilometer coastline of Bai Chay Beach. The climate is tropical with two seasons: dry and chilly winter, and hot and damp summer. The typical temperature ranges from 15° to 25°C.

The geo-diversity of Halong Bay’s topography has created varied ecosystems, including oceanic, sea shore and tropical evergreen biosystems. There are coral reefs, freshwater swamp forests, dense mangrove forests, freshwater lakes and powdery-white sandy shores. The bay is also home to 60 endemic faunal species and 14 endemic floral species. With such worldwide aesthetic worth and a diverse conglomeration of wildlife, it is not surprising to note that Halong Bay Vietnam was designated by the Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism as a ‘Distinguished National Landscape Monument’ and after recording as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.


Etymology and Legend of Halong Bay

The literal meaning of Halong is “Bay of Descending Dragons”. Legend has it that locals had to fend off invaders when Vietnam was just beginning to grow into a country. To be able to help the Vietnamese, a family of dragons descended from the heavens as guards. The dragons subsequently began spitting out jewels and jade which turned into islands and islets that link together to form an all-natural fortress against the invaders.

Nothing is perfect, but nature is the perfect artist and one of its masterpieces is Halong Bay. Since 1994, the bay was contained in the list of World Heritage Site. It’s not surprising though, the tremendous sea, magnificent lakes and the dramatic landscapes will consistently be the perfect setting for a painter’s fantastic perspective.


Halong Bay – The Property of Karst

The most appreciated characteristics of Halong Bay which makes it stand out from others are its unique mixture of limestone karst landscapes that is sculptured by the strong control of the sea. As time pass, the continued transgression and regression of the sea have eroded the limestone and transformed it into spectacular landscapes which are composed of bunches of remote tower characteristics and conical summits.

The isles of this bay happen to be named based on their astonishing contours. Some of these isles are Voi Islet which has a likeness of an elephant, Mai Nha Islet of a roof, and Gachoi of a fighting cock. These isles become the habitat of different species including monkeys, iguanas, antelopes and bantams.


Halong Bay – A Home for Caverns

One of the popular Vietnam draws, are the tremendous caverns that dwell in the Isles of Halong Bay that may provide you with a memorable spelunking encounter. One of the world-renown caverns in the bay is Hang which is understood to be the largest grotto of in the area. The cavern has three major chambers which can be full of impressive stalagmites and stalactites that can fill your eyes with amazement.


Tips To Book Your Halong Bay Tours

If you have booked a Halong Bay cruise or are seriously contemplating visiting this awesome area, I’ve to congratulate you. OTA wrote an extensive guide on why you must book a Halong Bay tour today. Quite simply, it’s a feast for the senses. If you’ve got ever needed to see a location that participates on you on a variety of levels-intellectually, visually, audibly, among numerous others, you could not have picked a better spot. Halong Bay Vietnam offers a majestic shoreline that has many isles that appear to float off the water. The shoreline also has great sand you are able to talk about for months after your excursion. Additionally, there are tired coastal fishing hamlets that harken back to your long lost age. All these sights, sounds, odours, and touch add as much as a clearly ethereal out of this world experience. This is not your typical sunshine, surf, and sand water experience. No. It goes considerably deeper and further. Seeing Halong Bay is like peering into one’s mind touches of the past, breaths of the future, and a heaping dose of the unfolding mysteries of the present all rolled up into one quest you will not soon forget. And if you are looking for luxury, check out these guys to book Halong tours. Actually, let the video below do the talking instead!

Luxury as simplicity

There are many ways to define ‘luxury’. Really, the amount of definitions appears to just be determined by the amount of individuals doing the defining. Still, the vast bulk of definitions are bunch around the idea of overindulgence. There’s this creeping notion that for something to be luxury, it must be more. Halong Bay turns this notion on its head. Real luxury isn’t about piling portions or chewing on more than you are able to consume or swimming in overindulgence. Halong Bay’s luxury is more Buddhist in nature. The old Zen maxim of ‘less is more,’ is undoubtedly in play when it involves Halong Bay luxury. There’s a particular abundance you cannot locate elsewhere in seeing mist roll in through Halong Vietnam and slowly consume the tops of isles as you sit on the shoreline.

Have fun on the cruise!

Saigon versus Hanoi

Bun mam, Vietnamese noodle soup, a specialty from Saigon.

When you are write something as subjective as this – helping visitors to pick one city over another – you always hedge your recommendations with “this is all subjective and depending on your interest…”.

The above still hold true because everybody do like different things. And very soon down this article I will be sharing observations from my personal experience (it’s my 11th year living in Vietnam so I do have quite a bit of experience). But to make your decision easier in picking either the north or south of Vietnam to visit if you have limited time, I will first highlight a simple fact. A binary. There is no 2 ways about it. And the simple fact is this: the neighboring attractions in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are VERY different.

Book a Halong Bay tour when in Hanoi – a sin not to.

Visit Hanoi and a 4-hour bus ride will let you tour Halong Bay,one of the 7 Wonders of the World. The beautiful mountainous region of Sapa is also only 1 overnight train ride away.

With Ho Chi Minh City (we will use Saigon for the rest of this article because one, Saigon sounds better and two, it’s 1 word vs 4 words), you can do a day trip to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels – one of the weapons the Vietnamese used to defeat the Americans. A slight detour to the tunnels will bring you to a unique religion that can only be found in Vietnam – a region which you worship 3 major gods as 1. Saigon is also only 1 hour away from the rice paddy fields and the floating markets of the mighty Mekong River. And if pristine and quiet beach is your thing, a 45 minutes flight will bring you to Phu Quoc.

The Vietnamese used Cu Chi Tunnels to beat the Americans.

So, if you can’t decide between Saigon or Hanoi, use their neighbouring attractions as a factor. This is black and white. Hanoi has attractions that you can’t find in Saigon and vice versa. That’s it. Very simple decision to make.

And now, if you need more comparisons, here they are.

The weather – Depending on the time of the year, Hanoi’s weather may be a plus or a minus when deciding on between her or the sister in Saigon. The winter months at year end is very pleasant but can get too cold to be riding the motorbikes which is an ‘attraction’ by itself when touring Vietnam. Thunderstorms during the mid year can get extreme to the point that it is not safe even step outdoor, let alone going on a Halong Bay cruise. Saigon, on the other hand, is more stable with the day getting hot from 10am onwards and dropping 10 degrees at night to a welcoming breeze.

Extreme weather in Hanoi.

Food and coffee – In Saigon, you can find a wider variety of Vietnamese food, including fusion with international fares. But Hanoi has the best pho, the famous Vietnamese noodle soup, since pho originates from there. Cuisine in Saigon is said to be sweeter and spicier. There are also more fancy and upscale restaurants for both local and overseas brands in Saigon. Many international brands would first open in Saigon and not arrive in Hanoi sometimes till a year later. 2 examples are Starbucks and McDonald’s.

When it comes to coffee, the same can be said of the difference between Saigon and Hanoi. Saigonese like their coffee to be sweeter and also have more choices of coffee house – from the cool to the cute to drinking from the 50th floor of a building. Hanoians’ cafe settings tend to be more humble with the focus on the coffee itself.

Attractions – Hanoi has the ‘Old Quarter’ which, if you take your time to savor, can take up to 2 days to fully explore. It is the convergence of the Vietnamese people, their daily activities, temples and commerce rolled into one. The Hoan Kiem Lake, just next to the Old Quarter, is another major attraction in Hanoi that can be enjoyed just sitting around the watching the world goes by. And if you want to pay your respect to the man who fought for Vietnam’s independence from the French and later the Americans, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum can be found in the Ba Dinh Square.

There are very few museums in the world that explicitly display the horror of war. One of them can be found in Saigon called the War Remnants Museum. One point worth mentioning is that many of the major attractions in Saigon are all within walking distance of each other. The War Remnants Museum is only 2 blocks away from the Reunification Palace. The Reunification Place is only 1 block away from the Notre Dame Cathedral. And the Notre Dame Cathedral is right beside the more than 100 years old and still functioning Saigon Post Office.

‘People watch’ in Hanoi.

Atmosphere – Saigon being the financial hub of the country has a hurried feel to it. People are often taking about business and making money to create a better life and living standard for their families. Yet because of this commercial environment and the influence of western international brands, the level of service is higher in the south with its people generally friendlier.

This is not to say that people from the north are rude. Not at all! Hanoians’ simply have a slower pace of life. This creates a more relaxed environment. Hanoi is also where you go to see more colonial buildings and Vietnamese women with conical hats carrying yolk basket.

So what’s your pick? Saigon or Hanoi? Let us know via the comment section below! 😀

Common sight in both Saigon and Hanoi.

Book Halong Bay Tours Today!

Still unsure if you wanna book Halong Bay tours? Look no further. This post aims to be your definite guide on how to get the best out of Vietnam’s top attraction. You are welcome. 😀

The thing you need to know about Halong Bay is that is it a marvel of nature, an evident that the earth is in a constant state of change. This movement, called the plate motion or tectonic shift, is responsible for creating the nearly 2000 limestone islets beauty we see today.


If we tell you that 500 million years ago Halong Bay was deep down in the sea, you wouldn’t have believed us. But it was! And 250 million years ago it began to surface to shallow water due to the plate motions that cause mountains to rise. The present landscape of sea islands was formed around 7 to 8 thousand years ago under the impact of the tropical wet climate.

Halong Bay is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1994. And in case you didn’t know, it is also one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature (google it and you’ll see). During the voting campaign in which 500 million international votes were casted over a period of 4 years, Halong Bay constantly came in at the top of the table.

There are a few ways to get to Halong Bay. By air, the closest city to fly into is Haiphong at the Cat Bi International Airport. You will then need to spend another 2.5 hours by car or taxi to get to the Ha Long City which will be the closest launching point to get to Halong Bay.

As for public bus or train from Hanoi to Ha Long City, there are numerous options operating at multiple trips throughout the day.

However, it is really not recommended that you do an independent trip to this nature’s marvel. This is because the booking mechanics is highly unorganized. There are rules and regulations pertaining to book Halong Bay tours, set by the government, that sometimes even the locals have problems catching up with. Also quite rampant are tourist-orientedrip-offss and scams. Add to the fact that there are very few signs (none in some places) in English at the ports.


How do you tour Halong Bay in 1 day, 2 days and 3days? We have a few recommendations.

One day tour in Halong Bay:

Let us start by saying that you are not doing this Wonder of the World justice by going on a short day trip. There are nearly 2000 islands covering 1,553 kilometer square. Even the core of the bay area spans 334 kilometer squares with its highest density of island at close to 800. With so much covering such a large space, please, try not to tour Halong Bay in a day.

Now, if you really do insist, there is only 2 ways.

Fly in and fly out:

Board a seaplane from Hanoi, spend 30 minutes to fly to Halong Bay, enjoy a 15 minutes planned sightseeing flight of the bay, land on a port and wait for the next flight back. This plan is expensive. The cost of the flight itself can be more than a 2 days 1 night tour onboard a boat.

Fly in, go onboard a boat and fly out:

Fly in from Hanoi, go onboard a cruise ship in Halong Bay, have lunch, cruise around the bay and fly back. The problem with this plan is that firstly, private tour like this cost a bomb. Next, you won’t see much on such a rushed trip as the prettier side of Halong Bay is deeper into the channel.

Two days tour in Halong:

Walking around the Old Quarters of Hanoi, you will see that the number 1 tour recommendation is to the Halong Bay. And they all come in various packages and prices. Want a party theme to the Halong Bay? They have that. Only $40 for a 2 days 1 night all-meals all-attractions package? They have that too. There are so many package tours that you will lose count. The range in standards is wide though. Some are comfortable, some downright luxurious but most travel agencies are actually only resellers, motivated in squeezing very bit out of your pocket.

You start a 2-day tour with a 4 hours, 180km, ride in a luxury van from Hanoi to Halong City. After checking in and a safety brief, if the weather permit, lunch will be served outdoor so you can feast and savor the limestone monolithic islands. After lunch, kayak will be arranged for you to explore the Vung Dang area. Alternatively, you can swim or simply laze around at the white sandy beach of Cong Dam. The evening can be spent in the seawater pool, fitness room, spa and massages, long chats with fellow tourists over dinner, movies, wine on the sun-deck and appreciation of the stars if you are blessed with a clear sky.

Day 2 starts with Tai Chi in the morning follow by breakfast in the fresh air. Then it’s to the Thien Canh Son Cave for exploration. After checking out of your cabin, you will be served another buffet on the way back to the harbor. Before heading back to Hanoi, you will be brought to the Yen Duc village to learn some Vietnamese culture and traditions and be presented with a water puppet show.

Three days tour in Halong:

For a 3 days 2 night Halong Bay cruise, you can’t go wrong with a 5-star ship.

A longer trip means you can afford to see and do more than those who spend only 1 night in the bay. Explore the less beaten path of Lan Ha Bay, tour the Vung Vieng fishing village on a rowboat, take a bike or walking excursion to see the Cat Ba National park and if you like, try your hand in cooking a Vietnamese dish onboard.


If you do a search for ‘Vietnam’ on Google, you will find images of Halong Bay on top. This is because it is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. If there is only 1 thing to take away from this blog, it is this: whatever you do, never ever miss the chance of visiting this spectacular seascape.